A November 11, 2002 -- Edith Hartnett and Thomas Sears

Both presesnters are members of the Noe Valley Senior Center. At 86, Edith Harnett has just published her historical novel, "The Color of Wine," based on the life of Mary Magdalen. She has previously published a volume of poetry, The Wind Rises.
A native Californian, Edith Hartnett grew up in San Francisco during the Great Depression. "There wasn't much money to be had, " she recalls, "but in those days the city was truly "bohemian," and she was surrounded by books, music and art. At an early age she learned Latin and Greek and acquired a lasting fascination with classical culture.
Thomas Sears, who received his Ph.D. from Harvard in Economics, has been a resident of Noe Valley for 20 years. Now retired, he has taught at various institutions of higher learning and is now a spiritual seeker. Currently working on an autobiography, he will present a brief talk on "The Economics of Spirituality."

November 25, 2002 --
"Summer Travelers To Poland, Russia and Siberia."

Nina Youkelson, Director of the Noe Valley Nursery School, will talk about her journey to the Polish town where her mother's family originated, as well as her 7-day trek across Eurasia on the Trans-Siberian railroad.
Bill and Lois Hoskins of the Noe Valley Senior Center will describe their riverboat cruise from St. Petersburg to Moscow entitled "Land of the Czars." The route included three rivers, two lakes, seventeen locks and lots of excursions ashore.